The Prairie View Green Starter Home


Modular home manufacturers are all getting into smaller and greener homes these days.  We've mentioned the i-House from Clayton Homes and the Osprey from Nationwide Homes, but another modular company, Excel Homes, also has a small green home called the The Prairie View.  The design is inspired by the Prairie House Style with its open interior plan and horizontal exterior lines.  Designed to be completed for under $100,000, this 945 square-foot home has one bedroom, one bathroom, and abundant open space for everything else. 


The Prairie View comes Energy Star and "green ready," which didn't make sense until I exchanged emails with Steven Saffell, Director of Architectural Design and Innovation at Excel Homes. 

Using the National Green Building Standard, the base specification of The Prairie View provides close to emerald points for resource efficiency, gold points for indoor environmental, and bronze points for energy efficiency (see above).  And this is prior to anything added by the local builder. 

Given the backlog of orders with Excel Homes, if you order The Prairie View today, it would take about 6-8 weeks to arrive on your site, and about 30 days to complete any finish work.  It's built in the factory, though, in roughly four days and ships on a single carrier. 

The Prairie View is part of Excel Homes' Starting Lineup series, which is made to appeal to first-time homebuyers and starter families.  The home comes standard with large windows, durable hardwood floors, solid surface countertops, and a whole house fan. 

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Media credits: Excel Homes.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty nice package! I wonder if the clerestory windows can be opened to assist in natural ventilation? If they can sell these homes for what they estimate, I think it looks like a good buy.

    • Anonymous

      every other window is operable…7 of 13 I think ;o)

  • Anonymous

    I’m about to have this house built on my lot…after my burned house is demolished.  There’s NO way this can happen for $100k.  …more like $185k!!!  I’d love to know HOW I CAN BUILD THIS MORE REASONABLY!

    • Preston

      Hmm … I understood the $100k was for the build alone.  Does your $185k include upgrades, foundation, transportation, connections?  I hope you’ll share the project with us when you done.  

      • Anonymous

        Hi Preston,  
        Thanks for your message.  The 185k + is for the basic “finished build”….no upgrades.

        I wanted to ask if you know of any completed “Prairie View” homes…or could you find out?  Would LOVE to see one…even if virtually.

        I’ll certainly share whatever I can!!!

  • Susanne

    Are there any more interior pictures available for the Prairie View house?

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