Efficient Simple Modern Home for $150k


Since we last mentioned his efficient home built for under $70,000, Caleb Schafer's been quite busy.  He has a new website for Simple Modern Homes with a number of new home designs.  He's also doing new work with new clients, and one home in particular looks interesting.  Referred to as CL24, the design is for a 2,000 square-foot green home in Canyon Lake, Texas. 


What's most interesting, perhaps, is the fact that CL24 will come in below $150,000, including land, utilities, and septic.  It's Texas — where land isn't necessarily scarce or expensive — but we definitely like this aggressive fusion of style and affordability.  

Schafer says Simple Modern Homes' designs are simple, but not one corner has been cut.  It's not about creating something that's cheap, it's about creating a no-frills, quality home. 

CL24 will be built with advanced framing techniques, spray biofoam insulation, galvalume siding, and a four-unit high efficiency heat pump mini-split system from Mitsubishi.  We'll circle back around when CL24 nears completion to follow up with more detail. 

[+] Simple Modern Homes.



Rendering credits: Simple Modern Homes.

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  • Anonymous

    That’s a great package at that price. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

    They have several interesting designs on their website. I like the NB2 and A1 models also…

  • Anonymous

    I was dismayed to read the mission statement on the site. The architects references to God and his apparent belief that God makes one more environmentally responsible turned me off.

    • StephenBurnette

      If a worldview that includes God serves as his foundation for obviously good work, why is it a bother?

      • artistx

        “When you view our Earth as a gift of creation from God, rather than a random product of billions of years, there is a greater responsibility to be a good steward of the environment around us.”

        It’s not his belief that bothers me, it was the insinuation that a person is/would be environmentally responsible if they have God in their life. Or more responsible than a person that believes in the randomness of nature. (based on scientific observation, not “belief”.)

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