At the beginning of every year, there's a tradition for the industry to talk about trends.  We've done it in the past, but this year we reviewed trends published by Jerry Yudelson and the Earth Advantage Institute.  Now, EcoHome Magazine has published it's own list of seven green trends that will impact homeowners and green building professionals.  Here they are:

1.  Water conservation – this will be one of the most-talked about topics over the next year and decade, especially in hot and dry southwestern states. 

2.  Green remodeling – there will be a continuing focus on retrofitting existing homes with energy-efficient improvements and water-conserving upgrades. 

3.  Solar products – demand for solar products will continue because of monetary incentives and the drop in photovoltaic pricing. 

4.  Zero-energy homes – leading designers and builders will push net-zero energy projects closer to mainstream as a way to set themselves apart from competitors.

5.  Energy monitoring – web-based monitoring programs will help homeowner's understand behaviors and make conservation changes. 

6.  Super-efficient windows – super high-performance windows will catch on with American homeowners, especially in colder regions. 

7.  Heat pump water heaters – several manufacturers began aggressively marketing heat pump water heaters, which is a good sign that these products will gain wider acceptance. 

Read more about each of these seven green trends on EcoHome Magazine.