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We like to keep a pulse on the evolving world of green prefab, but there’s an Austin-based company that we’ve yet to mention.  Ma Modular, a venture of design-build firm KRDB, turned to modular construction to make modern design approachable, affordable, and convenient.  The company is also committed to good design and green building and aims to deliver projects with a quick turnaround.


Shown in this article is their first prefab, the Luna House, which, according to a recent article in Rare Austin, is about 1,500 square feet.  It’s a beautiful home made with two large wing modules and one small connector module.

Pricing for a Ma Modular home starts at about $125 per square foot, which includes the foundation, R19 walls, R30 to R50 roofing, low-E insulated windows, durable and reflective metal roofing, and cabinets and flooring from green materials such as bamboo or cork.

Additional green options include low-VOC paints and finishes, tankless water heating, mini-split HVAC, geothermal HVAC, a rainwater harvesting system, and photovoltaic panels, just to name a little of what’s available.

To keep things simple, Ma Modular uses two sizes of modules, 15’x36′ and 15’x60′, and provides three options in each of these sizes.  Of course, there’s also the connector module, too, and you can scan these on their website to imagine what your dream green home might look like.

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Photo credits: Ma Modular.

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  • Jane Heir

    Love this and–Yea!–it’s in Austin!

  • Anonymous

    Great looking concept! I wish they had a “Build & Price” function on their website, though…

  • SLC Urban

    I love this, but I think the back end of the home is far more beautiful than the front. In a world where curb appeal is very important to everyone, this home falls flat. It certainly does not generate a positive second glance. If anything they just need to make it look less like a modular trailer home and more like modern prefab can look today.

    You know how I feel about things that look like trailers… Sorry…

    • Amy

      SLC Urban – Hi, I work for Ma Modular and just wanted to say that this is not the only configuration/exterior elevation design possible. The basic ma building blocks (3 36’x15′ mods and 3 60’x15′ mods) can be constructed in various configurations to form one and two-story structures that suit our clients’ property, space needs, and budget. Exterior elevation design is definitely a factor in the overall process. I also wanted to mention foundation IS included in the $125-$150 per sq ft estimate we advertise (the above article says it isn’t).

      • Preston

        Not sure how that happened, but I’ve updated the article to show that foundation is in fact included in the general cost estimate.

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