Richard Hammond and Gensler's Santa Monica office contributed to a unique container project for a Boy Scouts' campground in Emerald Bay (on Catalina Island off the coast of southern California).  According to Metropolis, the low-impact cabin was made with old shipping containers, reclaimed lumber, durable rubber flooring, LED lighting, and solar photovoltaics.  The roof — which is, perhaps, more eye-catching than the transformed containers — was made with a stretched silicone-coated fiberglass material. 


The built prototype presents a new and sustainable, albeit less rustic, vision for scouting.  All together, 20 more container cabins will be built at Camp Emerald Bay

As an Eagle Scout myself, I'm confident that the project could be used as a platform for Scouts to learn more about ecology, architecture, and construction.  It's hard to get the same platform with generic canvas tents or traditional cabin structures.  

Gensler collaborated with several others to make the container eco cabin a success, including Arup, J. Miller Canvas, RMS Group, Primus Lighting Inc., and Nora Systems Inc.




Photo credits: Richard Hammond via Metropolis.