A Permeable Solution with Drivable Grass


California-based Soil Retention is behind a product, Drivable Grass, that many of you may be interested in.  The name is somewhat of a misnomer, because, as you will see below, the infill doesn’t have to be grass.  It can be gravel of various kinds, too.  Drivable Grass is a flexible product that can be used as a substitute for concrete and asphalt driveways, patios, parking lots, RV pads, boat ramps, and the like.


Drivable Grass installs almost exactly like a paver, so it’s enticing to DIYers.  It’s available in the form of a square mat, 24″x24″x1.5″, and each mat weighs about 45 pounds.  Currently, Soil Retention makes the Drivable Grass in a tan color (although you could stain it, if that’s your thing).

Charles & Hudson took a picture of a display at IBS 2010 showing the various infills one could use with the product. The porous construction of Drivable Grass also makes it a choice solution for increasing on-site storm water storage and decreasing off-site water runoff.

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Photo credits: Soil Retention.

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  • MrSteve007

    Or you just do a open-cell concrete system like this, is not proprietary, is pretty cheap, and can be found at any hardware store.


    I did the same thing with a dual strip of cross-block pavers to the shop in my backyard. You can barely see it, and it takes a constant pounding from my truck. Putting in a strong and permeable underground base is key.

    • Anonymous

      what is the concrete paver you used or i should ask for? if its far cheaper than the soilretention stuff then i am all for it. is it built in mats as well?

  • http://www.thechocolatechipwaffle.blogspot.com/ Terresa Wellborn

    This is cool stuff. I live in Las Vegas and haven’t seen anything quite like this, although plenty of our neighbors have astro-turf type front grass. this is much prettier.

  • Grady Storms

    What a great idea! I use a side strip for guest parking & this would make a huge difference in looks and upkeep. Love it!

  • Paul

    can this product be used in Ontario, Canada. Does the grass wear off by driving on it or dry out. Where can I buy it and how much is it.

    • Explorer Marketing

      It can be used in any climate including Canada. I represent the Soil Retention products (Drivable Grass & Verdura) in Canada. Should there be an interest in purchasing any of these products please email explorermarketing@live.ca

  • Poirierdesign

    I saw this stuff at Home Depot in the garden department…….seeing on the shelf, it’s not very impressive. so I passed it up. But seeing the pictures of it installed…….it looks pretty good!

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