When heavy snow, strong winds, and cold weather converge, highway driving can become difficult in a state like Wyoming.  There, you’ll see miles of snow fence to mitigate this condition.  Centennial Snowfence, a division of Centennial Woods, manages ~270 miles of snow fence inventory in Wyoming, and since 1999, the company has built or renewed over 85 miles of it.  In the process, Centennial Woods harvests old ponderosa and lodgepole pine boards for reuse, such as in homes or in retail or commercial projects.


Centennial Woods says reclaimed snow fence maintains its integrity and strength for reuse, because the boards are above ground at all times and, for the most part, unaffected by bugs, animals, or ground moisture.  The wood can be anywhere from 7-25 years old.  

These snow fence boards have never been treated and available in 1"x6" in 4 to 16 foot lengths, milled or natural.  I’m waiting to hear back from the company on current pricing information, although I read at Green Building Advisor that the product is being sold for $1.69 per linear foot.  

When used inside a project, snow fencing is perfect for accent walls, floors, ceilings, or wainscoting.  The reclaimed wood can also be used for siding or landscaping projects.  The images in this article show a few different applications of the reclaimed wood product.  

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Photo credits: Centennial Woods, LLC.