Reusing Wood from Aged Snow Fence


When heavy snow, strong winds, and cold weather converge, highway driving can become difficult in a state like Wyoming.  There, you’ll see miles of snow fence to mitigate this condition.  Centennial Snowfence, a division of Centennial Woods, manages ~270 miles of snow fence inventory in Wyoming, and since 1999, the company has built or renewed over 85 miles of it.  In the process, Centennial Woods harvests old ponderosa and lodgepole pine boards for reuse, such as in homes or in retail or commercial projects.


Centennial Woods says reclaimed snow fence maintains its integrity and strength for reuse, because the boards are above ground at all times and, for the most part, unaffected by bugs, animals, or ground moisture.  The wood can be anywhere from 7-25 years old.  

These snow fence boards have never been treated and available in 1"x6" in 4 to 16 foot lengths, milled or natural.  I’m waiting to hear back from the company on current pricing information, although I read at Green Building Advisor that the product is being sold for $1.69 per linear foot.  

When used inside a project, snow fencing is perfect for accent walls, floors, ceilings, or wainscoting.  The reclaimed wood can also be used for siding or landscaping projects.  The images in this article show a few different applications of the reclaimed wood product.  

[+] Learn more about reclaimed Centennial Woods.



Photo credits: Centennial Woods, LLC.

  • Anonymous

    That is great! That wood has so much more character than new, anyway! Same goes for the beetle damaged pine they are pulling from forests.

  • Paul

    Wow, it really is a unique house. That’s what I call a naturally beauty. How about for your doors? Are you also using these centennial woods. How about checking out on these Custom Doors? they might give a good accent with the overall design of the house.

  • Duncan Page

    Great use for weathered wood with lots of character!

  • Anonymous

    Home and cabin catalog prominently features Centennial Woods products
    LARAMIE, WYO. (December 4, 2009)—Centennial Woods announced today that leading outdoor retailer Cabela’s (NYSE: CAB) has chosen to feature furniture built using Wyoming reclaimed snowfence in its just released home and cabin catalog. The Wyoming Bedroom Collection, fabricated by Mountain Woods Furniture, incorporates substantial Centennial Woods products in its aesthetic, green design. The collection is shown on the cover and contents page of the catalog. Photos of the collection can also be seen on the web at
    “We’re honored that our dealers including Cabela’s are highlighting this new collection to their customers,” said Mike O’Connell, co-owner of Mountain Woods. “As founding members of the Sustainable Furniture Council, Centennial Woods’ reclaimed snowfence product fits perfectly into our eco-friendly philosophy while also making this an extremely attractive product.”
    “This wonderful collection is an excellent way to bring the history, beauty, and responsibility of reclaimed snowfence into homes and commercial spaces,” said Mike Thomas, chief operating officer of Centennial Woods. “I can imagine no better way to complement our floors, ceilings, wainscoting and trim than to place one of these wonderful pieces in the room.”
    Centennial Woods reclaims and processes snowfence materials into exterior products like siding and soffit and interior products like flooring, ceiling treatments, trim and wainscoting. The unique wood is also increasingly used for furniture, doors, window trim, cabinets and specialty fixture applications. The wood comes in five basic natural color schemes, in 1×6, 2×6, and 2×8 inch dimensions and in lengths up to 16 feet.
    About Centennial Woods
    Since 1999, Centennial Woods has been maintaining and reclaiming snowfence from the mountainsides and open prairies of Wyoming to create its line of interior and exterior specialty wood products for residential and commercial use around the world. To date, Centennial Woods has reclaimed 6 million linear feet of Wyoming snowfence, the equivalent of about 105 miles, keeping more than 10,000 tons of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere and saving the state of Wyoming and other entities more than $10 million. Centennial Woods is a member of the US Green Building Council ( and is proud to be one of Wyoming’s great green product companies. Learn more o n the web at

    About Mountain Woods Furniture
    A founding member of the Sustainable Furniture Council, Mountain Woods Furniture has been building log and reclaimed wood furniture in Laramie, Wyoming since 1991. Their products, and commitment to quality and sustainability, have been featured in a wide range of consumer and industry magazines. Learn more on the web at

  • Centennial Woods LLC

    Thanks for the great article and encouraging comments! If we can provide additional info, samples, etc. be sure to let us know!

  • Justin

    I am trying to use reclaimed snow fencing to build our deck, however I am running up against the problem of the snow fencing being warped, bowed, and generally crooked as a snake. I have been trying to straighten the boards by cutting them down to a nominal 5 1/2 ” from the true 2×6 they came as, however it is proving difficult. Any suggestions?

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