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Sloan Valve Company, manufacturer of water-efficient plumbing products, including the AQUS greywater system, last summer installed two small wind turbines in Illinois from Aerotecture International.  The Franklin Park headquarters building now has two 712V Aerotecture vertical-axis models.  One is over the front entrance and another is over the employee entrance, while both are ballasted to the roof. 


Although annual power data is being collected, Aerotecture estimates that the 712V prototype model can produce 2,500 watts in a 32 mph wind. 

One of the rooftop turbines is paired with 12 photovoltaic panels, which can produce roughly 2,500 kWh per year.  The AeroSolar Hybrid Aeroturbine kicks in during the day and provides energy when the turbine may not be producing. 

On a related note, Aerotecture is one of eight turbine manufacturers to watch, as we’ve identified in reviewing the Small Wind Turbine Global Market Study published by the American Wind Energy Association last summer.  It's nice to see companies like Sloan testing out this kind of technology.  

[+] Learn more about Aerotecture International.

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Photo credits: Aerotecture International.