Off-Grid Prefab zeroHouse Now Ready!


Two years ago, the zeroHouse hit the internet like a tornado.  Now, Specht Harpman, the firm that designed the off-grid, modular, tiny house, is looking for a "visionary" to finance the construction of the prototype at something in the range of $300,000 to $350,000.  The good news comes from the American-Statesman, which recently reported that the design is "shovel-ready." 


According to the American-Statesman, Specht Harpman used seed money from a New York investment firm to create architectural, structural, and mechanical engineering documents.  Now the zeroHouse is ready to be built, and the idea with the first home is to push the boundaries of sustainability. 

The zeroHouse can be net-zero energy — it'll generate as much energy in the course of a year as it consumes.  It can also operate without the need for any external utility or waste disposal connects.  

Of course, the 650 square-foot home doesn't buy into the cost per square foot mentality.  It's well designed and square-footage is created with caution.  That said, the architects believe zeroHouse can easily accommodate four adults. 

Green elements planned for the home include a wing-like solar array, four 550-gallon rainwater cisterns, triple-paned windows, a high-efficiency HVAC system, durable and natural materials, high-efficiency electronics and appliances, and a helical anchor foundation that hardly disturbs the earth.  

[+] Learn more at zeroHouse and Specht Harpman.






Rendering credits: Specht Harpman.

  • Anonymous

    This has always been one of my favorites. I can’t wait to see how it looks in ‘real life’.

  • Rachel

    Uh huh. And just how much energy does it take to manufacture this ikea tinkertoy?

  • Anonymous

    This looks fabulous, love it! Um, concerned about the wind though – I guess it is not suitable for a cold/windy location…

    Tammy Perry
    Newfoundland, Canada

  • swarnaw

    very nice one.

  • Anonymous

    Ok , Lets get real.
    This looks like two ship containers stacked on each other.My kid with leggos can do better.

    Its called an earth house folks $50,000 ,a 2 71 detroit generator with 1000 gal fuel tank.$ 3,000.
    Grow a big garden…now free .
    How is that over hang going not get destroyed by wind?
    Bamo! you are free.

  • Solar Heating

    I absolutely love small homes. If it were in a rainy area, I would definitely live in one.

  • memphis986

    i understand the elcetricity factor in all these netzero homes. What i don’t understand is the water. I see the description states (4) 550-gallon cisterns (not shown) but how would this concept generate potable water? Plus, is the water recycled or disposed after use? it would take a lot of rain to fill those cisterns.

  • Gilbert251

    this is a great home for now
    need many ;so we won’t need the utilities from any co’s.

  • Solar tronenergy

    Why in the world would this need to be priced in the 300-350K range. Especially during a recessikon. This should cost no more than 20k.

  • Energy conservation

    Why in the world would this need to be priced in the 300-350K range.
    Especially during a recessikon. This should cost no more than 20k.

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