Off the Grid Small Osprey for IBS 2010


Update 1/27/2010: A Small Osprey Eco-Cottage Has Landed!

Starting January 19 in the Las Vegas Convention Center, four modular demonstration homes will be on display for the International Builders’ Show 2010.  All of the homes will qualify for the NAHB’s National Green Building Certification, and they’ll be smaller, too.  One home in particular, The Osprey, caught my attention.  The 523 square-foot home, perhaps, will be the greenest of all four models in the Show Village. 


The Osprey, by Palm Harbor Homes, was designed to meet Gold certification levels and could be used as an in-law apartment, casita, home office, or affordable green weekend retreat.  The space allows for a bedroom, bathroom, living room, galley kitchen, and integrated decks. 

It can easily go off-the-grid, as well, if that’s what the homeowner wants or needs.  The standing seam metal roof has thin-film solar to generate some or all of the home’s energy needs.  

In addition, The Osprey has SmartSun Glass doors and windows, Energy Star appliances, on-demand hot water, closed cell foam insulation and SIS panels (R 24 walls, R 29 floor, and R49 ceiling), and a dual-zone ductless HVAC system.

In terms of materials, the inside features bamboo, cork, and other natural materials throughout.  The toilet is water-efficient and the paints are low or no-VOC.  The outside is covered with some sort of low-maintenance metal siding. 

Soon, we'll have actual photos and pricing details. 

At IBS 2009, the BUILDER LivingHome caused a stir and ended up on display later at the TED conference.  It’s now being installed in Newport Beach and should get LEED Platinum certification. 

Media credits: Palm Harbor Homes.

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    I love that all of the builders shows and architectural design shows are trying to out green each other. One decade ago they were all trying to show off how big and luxurious they could make a house, now they are trying to see how efficient they can get.


  • Greenotter

    Can’t wait to see the pricing and the interior. Love the look and size and ALL the features.

    It’s 123 sq. ft. bigger than a “park model’ but has great insulation. I think it is a perfect size for a vacation home or for a small house dweller who doesn’t want to go too tiny.

    I found a PDF that has a bigger floorplan. It has a stackable washer/dryer in the closet of the bedroom.

    Last time I was at a Palm Harbor dealer, about four years ago, they were one of these manufacturers that I didn’t like any of their home interiors. But I was looking at some slide shows of their modular lines and they’ve really come a long way.

  • Anonymous

    Just a later note…I link to dozens of photos, interior and exterior, of the Osprey, taken by others at the show in Las Vegas, on a post in my blog, which can be reached by clicking on my name “Greenotter” above this post. You may have to go down a few posts to get to the post on the Osprey though.

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