Starck Unveils Two Small Wind Turbines


A couple years ago, I watched with caution as Philippe Starck announced plans to design residential scale vertical axis wind turbines.  Everyone loves the idea of small wind — especially VAWT designs — but practical issues can sometimes preclude actual energy generation with these things.  Nonetheless, after two years of research, it seems the French designer has some actual products to speak about.  Speaking to a crowd in Milan, Starck unveiled two Revolution Air turbine models to be made by Pramac.

Starck-wt400-pramac Starck-wt1kw-pramac

The twin-blade WT400W (above left) is rated at 400 W and is expected to cost about 2,500 euros ($3,505*).  The triple-blade WT1kW (above right) is rated at 1 kW and is expected to cost about 3,500 euros ($4,905*).

Starck went with the vertical axis design to capture certain benefits.  The turbines can be nearly noiseless and small, as well as capture wind from most any direction.

At the Milan news conference, according to Reuters, Starck said, “We have to help people to produce energy, to be part of the fight … energy should not be a punishment, we should create a desire (among people to produce it).

[+] Learn more at Revolution Air.



*Using today’s Euro to U.S. dollar exchange rate of 0.7133.

Photo credits: Alessandro Garofalo (top 3); Pramac (bottom 2).

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  • jon knight

    Someone should tell them their site is hard to read and/or use. I’d buy one of these if they worked… I can’t learn whether they do or not because (what appears to be) the links cannot be clicked because of the huge arrow that appears to advance the slideshow.

    Also their contact info is cut off at the bottom of the screen, with no way to scroll down to see the rest.

    The best thing on the planet will fail if no one can find out anything about it.

    • kevinspacey

      Huge mistake in this article : the starck turbine is priced 7500€ (10.000 USD).
      Such a shame for a turbine with a so low production…

      @jonknight : you would probably prefer

      • jon knight

        thanks for the pointer – i’ll check out the site you linked. i notice that the problems i saw on their site have been fixed. they must have been developing the site when i was there before (i shouldn’t have been so hard on them about that i guess), but I couldn’t find any reference to prices. But you’re right, there’s a huge difference between ~5k and ~10k.

        @kevinspacey: A big thank you for the pointer to! I’ve had a few minutes to run through their site and you’re right, I like what I see there. Excellent recommendation.

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