Huge Solar Rack Structure Installed in NJ


A new solar racking structure — one of the largest continuous elevated solar racking structures in the country that spans the length of three football fields — was just completed for the Manheim Auto Auction in Bordentown, New Jersey.  Rated at 1 MW, the project includes 5,880 photovoltaic panels covering 104,000 square feet. 

The structure required 18,000 hold down clamps, 550,000 pounds of steel, 240 cubic yards of concrete, 54,000 feet of wiring, and 11 separate inverters.

Alpha Energy completed the project.  It's expected to generate more than 1,056,000 kWh per year, or enough to power 96 homes (using the Department of Energy's estimate that the average home uses 11,000 kWh per year).   




Photo credits: Alpha Energy.

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  • Anonymous

    Interesting that they choose to put it over the road rather than over the parking lot where it would be helpful to keep cars cool, or as breezeways from the parking to the store etc?

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I love it. I’ve been curious for a long time now as to why more arrays aren’t put above roads everywhere. There’s so much untapped area for solar power above highways and interstates. It would preserve land for solar development and help reduce heat sink effects of asphalt and concrete.

  • Portland Condo Auctions

    Awesome use of highway space! I would love to see the blacktop of the highway utilized for something positive in more places around the country. -Tyler

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