Rocio Romero Debuts Stackable Prefabs


Rocio Romero, the architect behind the LV series of prefab homes, just announced the availability of stackable prefabs.  Referred to as the LV2 — a 2-story stack placed on any LV series unit, the custom add-on costs the same as regular LV series units.  Rocio Romero has sold over a hundred LVs and says the average cost to build, including the kit, shipping, foundation, and finish costs, is about $120 per square foot (not including land).       


LV series prefabs come with a number of green elements and options, including well-insulated walls and roof, energy efficient lighting, ventilation, solar, and anything else that a homeowner wants in their green home. It's really up to the purchaser. 

In the past, we've mentioned several Rocio Romero prefab homes.  For example, make sure to check out this one in Napa County and this one in Maine.  Can't wait to see an LV2 prefab stack!




Rendering credits: Rocio Romero via Facebook.

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  • Anonymous

    RR has some really great prefab designs. I can’t wait to see one of these built!

  • Chad Ludeman

    This is great news and a welcome addition from Rocio, whose team has delivered more modern prefabs than all of their more widely covered competition combined.

  • Portland Condo Auctions

    I think that green prefabricated homes like this are going to be the new way to build a new home. -Tyler

  • Ralphtharp

    I am interested in the LV stackable. Do you ship to the West Coast? Also, when is your next open house in Perryville?

  • Wyoung004


  • Geraldhosea

    im looking fore 4 stories stackable 2 bedroom units

  • Jrandl1

    I follow any information about the Romero homes, THIS IS MY DREAM HOUSE. I’m planning to build this home, within the next 5 years. In Texas.  

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