Across the pond, a company called OfficePOD aims to change the way people work.  The company provides pod-like office cubes to companies and individuals to facilitate flexible home/work arrangements.  For the price of £14,950 ($24,400) plus installation and VAT, the company will set up the OfficePOD in about a day.  The lead time for installation is less than 12 weeks, and lease options are available as well.


The OfficePOD comes with an integrated desk, storage, LED lighting, window blinds, and a lock.  It's all put together in a neat, Apple-like, modern package. 

Environmentally speaking, the pod was designed to achieve the highest rating under the Energy Performance Certificate scheme as well as under the BREEAM rating program.  Not to mention, if you have one and use it, it'll save on the daily commute, too.  




Photo credits: OfficePOD.