OfficePOD and Skip the Daily Commute


Across the pond, a company called OfficePOD aims to change the way people work.  The company provides pod-like office cubes to companies and individuals to facilitate flexible home/work arrangements.  For the price of £14,950 ($24,400) plus installation and VAT, the company will set up the OfficePOD in about a day.  The lead time for installation is less than 12 weeks, and lease options are available as well.


The OfficePOD comes with an integrated desk, storage, LED lighting, window blinds, and a lock.  It's all put together in a neat, Apple-like, modern package. 

Environmentally speaking, the pod was designed to achieve the highest rating under the Energy Performance Certificate scheme as well as under the BREEAM rating program.  Not to mention, if you have one and use it, it'll save on the daily commute, too.  




Photo credits: OfficePOD.

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  • Andrew Stone

    I LOVE this! It’s sleek, but I wonder how hot it would be in there in the summer.

  • Rudy McCormick

    WOW, this is the coolest thing I have seen in a long time. These would be great modular…

  • Portland Condo Auctions

    Looks like it would be a bit chilly here in Portland unless those windows keep in heat very very well. Though honestly I think this is a pretty far length to go to get a home office when you could just add on or convert an existing room.


    • Anonymous

      In England, if you wanted to add an extra room to a house like the one shown it can takes months, or even years, to get planning permission and then would cost over £50000 to complete it.

  • Andrew Abernathy

    How about a cluster of them in apartment complexes. If you could move them around easily, that would be even better.

  • Marko Järvela

    Neat, and a good idea for tight suburbia, but wouldn’t slightly roomier office environs contribute to the scope of thinking – – Regarding this one as OfficePOD mini, I’d be curious to see the Shuffle-series on wheels one day and possibly a bit scaled-up Classic versions coming…

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