CertainTeed Unveils Solar Roof System


At IBS 2010 last week, CertainTeed announced their new EnerGen Photovoltaic Solar Power Roofing System, which is offered through a partnership with Energy Conversion Devices, manufacturer of UNI-SOLAR thin-film solar laminates.  The EnerGen system combines lightweight UNI-SOLAR panels with traditional asphalt roofing shingles.  The photos in this article show a 3.2 kW EnerGen system installed on the official governor's residence of Michigan.


The EnerGen system requires no rooftop penetrations and was designed to appear flush with roof shingles.  It will be offered in pre-engineered kits with everything necessary for installation.  

While the cost of the system has not been determined, CertainTeed told us that the panels and installation will be competitive with existing systems.  EnerGen will be sold the typical roofing distribution channel, so homeowners interested in the product will be able to work with roofing contractors to get it. 

In turn, the lack of roof penetrations and pre-engineered kit setup should make installation a cinch for most roofing contractors. 

Currently, CertainTeed is preparing to launch the EnerGen system.  The product launch is expected in the springtime of 2010, with increasing market availability after that. 

Other companies working on solar roofing products include Dow Solar, Sun Energy Engineering, Co., SRS Energy, and Centria Services Group (also using UNI-SOLAR thin-film laminates but in the standing seam roofing context). 

Photo credits: CertainTeed.

  • Anonymous

    preferably with no shading from a chimney on future installations

  • http://wwwciservicesinc.com/ Emily

    This is a very interesting design and discussion. It will be interesting to see if this being installed at the governor’s house will influence residents to also go solar.

  • http://ecdfan.blogspot.com/ ECD Fan

    So much for that increasing market availability: it turns out, as of today, the EnerGen system is available in just three states. The status of the lawsuit filed against CertainTeed by Energen Corporation is unclear.

  • Insptim

    i have a corrugated metal roof, i want to replace it with solar?

    • Njscollon

      go to DC power or AEE solar. you can set yourself up as a dealer an purchase the solar at cost. or pay 3 to 5 times the amount and have someone install it for you. the certainteed should be purchased at your local roofing supply house. but you will still need the rest of the components from AEE of DC POWER. (inverters, boxes, connectors, ect.) If you dont understand all you need to know to install the system they will sell you a book.

  • http://www.remodelamericaonline.com/roofing-gutters/signs-you-need-roofers-nj/ Rolly Corvin

    A solar roof can definitely help save energy during the summer, when the sun is at its highest. And if you’re planning to install solar panels at home, it’s better to install these on a green roof rather on a conventional surface.

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