At IBS 2010 last week, CertainTeed announced their new EnerGen Photovoltaic Solar Power Roofing System, which is offered through a partnership with Energy Conversion Devices, manufacturer of UNI-SOLAR thin-film solar laminates.  The EnerGen system combines lightweight UNI-SOLAR panels with traditional asphalt roofing shingles.  The photos in this article show a 3.2 kW EnerGen system installed on the official governor's residence of Michigan.


The EnerGen system requires no rooftop penetrations and was designed to appear flush with roof shingles.  It will be offered in pre-engineered kits with everything necessary for installation.  

While the cost of the system has not been determined, CertainTeed told us that the panels and installation will be competitive with existing systems.  EnerGen will be sold the typical roofing distribution channel, so homeowners interested in the product will be able to work with roofing contractors to get it. 

In turn, the lack of roof penetrations and pre-engineered kit setup should make installation a cinch for most roofing contractors. 

Currently, CertainTeed is preparing to launch the EnerGen system.  The product launch is expected in the springtime of 2010, with increasing market availability after that. 

Other companies working on solar roofing products include Dow Solar, Sun Energy Engineering, Co., SRS Energy, and Centria Services Group (also using UNI-SOLAR thin-film laminates but in the standing seam roofing context). 

Photo credits: CertainTeed.