With the success of Dockside Green on the other side of the country, according to Canwest News Service, Quebec now plans to increase its investment in sustainable development with a $300 million project of 800 environmentally-friendly housing units.  Dubbed Cité Verte, the neighborhood is planned for Quebec City in the Saint-Sacrement neighborhood at the corner of Chemin Sainte-Foy and Avenue Saint-Sacrement. 

At Cité Verte, the green homes are designed to use 30% less energy and will start at ~$350,000. 

In addition, Cité Verte will reduce water consumption by 50% and save about 131 million liters of water per year. 

According to a statement released by Cité Verte's promoter, SSQ Financial Group, the Quebec Government announced an investment of $22.7 million in support of the project, and Hydro-Quebec pledged $5 million in support of the development's construction. 

Some of the other green elements at work in the future Quebec City project include urban densification, rainwater management, increased energy efficiency of buildings, selective recovery of waste, transportation management, and preservation of green space in order to reduce urban heat islands.  

More specifically, Canwest News Services recently reported that Cité Verte will have narrow streets (less car usage), self service bikes, green roofs, on-site solar power, LED street lamps, and a basin to capture and recycle stormwater for irrigation purposes.  

This is a massive development on a 93,000 square-meter (1 million square-foot) site, so expect to hear more about the ambitions of Cité Verte as time goes on. 

[+] Green house takes on a whole new meaning by Canwest.

Rendering credit: Canwest News Service.