1850s Rowhouse Now Carbon Neutral!

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In the heart of Capitol Hill — just a few blocks from the nation's capitol — is this newly renovated gem.  GreenSpur, a design and build firm, found the dilapidated eyesore and decided to overhaul it into a carbon neutral showcase. The aim was to show that an energy-efficient home powered with cutting edge green systems and green power can be a net neutral producer of carbon. 


According to the Washington Times, the home was renovated to LEED Platinum standards, although no certification has been obtained.  The carbon neutral home was listed for $940,000 and sold a mere four days after being listed. 

GreenSpur added some square feet to the original structure (it's now a total of about 2,200 square feet), while still maintaining the historic exterior look.  The home has three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and a full legal unit on the lower level. 

Green features include a geothermal heating and cooling system, dual-flush toilets, low-flow fixtures, recycled Energy Star roof, permeable paving system in the backyard, Energy Star appliances, on-demand tankless water heating, abundant natural lighting inside, and LEDs and CFLs throughout.  

With all of its upgrades and changes, the home located on 19 Fourth Street NE uses 60-80% less energy than a standard home in the same area.  The rest of the power needed will be sourced as "clean" energy from the local utility provider. 

[+] Green focus turns toward renovating by Washington Times.




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Photo credits: GreenSpur.

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    Wow that place looks great. I wonder how they were able to get that house done with so little space considering the neighbors windows are practically next to this home.


  • Anonymous

    Love the finishes, and I especially like how they used the area well to bring light down to the basement.

  • Joy

    Mmm — love those windows.

    What does “a full legal unit” mean?

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic work, but what was the reno cost? Otherwise the selling price doesn’t mean much.

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