Recycled Container Parsonage in LA


Recently, Peter DeMaria, AIA, of DeMaria Design, this month received an award from the South Bay/Long Beach Chapter of the AIA for his design of the East LA Four Square Church Parsonage.  The project was built using a hybrid form of traditional stick frame construction and seven recycled cargo containers. 


The 3,400 square-foot structure includes a residential living suite, classrooms, a teen center, offices, and a great room for weddings, educational conferences, religious ceremonies, neighborhood gatherings, and family celebrations. 

Peter DeMaria is a leader in the container architecture field and has been researching this form of construction for several years because containers are strong, fireproof, mold resistant, and affordable as a structural system.  The Redondo Beach House is perhaps one of his most notable container projects, and more information is available through Logical Homes and Logical Architecture



Photo credits: DeMaria Design.

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    Great looking place. Community centers are a great way to get people used to and exposed to green building ideas. Then they are able to see the benefits first hand without having to make the leap themselves.


  • ccc

    Wow! DeMaria has done it again! I love it.

  • gg

    This is a beautiful construction!
    In a 1st for South Africa plans for erecting a house consisting of 12m hicube ISBUs were approved last week by the East London municipality. Building like that we save >50% on the m2 building cost, the present national average is $740!
    Follow progress on
    God bless
    Gabriel Smit

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