32 Containers Later: Providence Awaits a Vibrant New Office Space [Video]

Recently we featured a container clinic under construction by Stack Design Build, and now, the same firm is building a unique container office space on an infill lot in Providence, Rhode Island.  Jay Cox-Chapman of Stack DB was kind enough to send us this time-lapse video taken over five days showing the assembly of 32 recycled containers into an office space. 

The 11,000 square-foot space, Box Office 460, should be complete in the late spring 2010 and leasing interest has been strong.  Box Office 460 was designed by Joe Haskett of Distill Studio and developed by Truth Box, Inc

Planned environmental aspects of the project, in addition to using recycled steel in the form of containers, include a high performance building envelope, ultra-efficient HVAC, energy recovery ventilation, site design to reduce stormwater runoff, and daylight sensing light fixtures.  

The Box Office will have 12 office/studio spaces with green lease incentives available for tenants to help promote energy conservation.  Can't wait to see the completed project. 



[+] Box Office 460 in Providence, Rhode Island.

Rendering credits: Tim Nelson.

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  • Mike

    It’s great to see a truly sustainable project. Any idea on the final cost?

    I can see smaller developers building more container structures across the US. This would work great in Portland, OR.

  • Anonymous

    That video was great. So cool to see a building constructed that way.

  • http://officesuitesplus.com/ Faye Acklin

    This was such an incredible video! I have never seen a container box office space in my entire life! The way it was made and the way it looks now just amazes me. Although our office in Charlotte, NC is not made up of container boxes, they still look attractive and stylish. I never get tired of working in a comfy and cool office space.

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