NanaWall Systems provides a sleek, folding, glass wall system that's seen in a lot of green homes that we mention (for example, see this Sunset Breezehouse).  A homeowner may purchase a NanaWall for any number of reasons, whether to blur indoor and outdoor spaces, provide views, or draw natural light into interior spaces.  Now, though, all this can be done with greater efficiency using NanaWall's new SL70 with triple glazing system. 

The system is pictured above in a glass pavilion at the Bavarian Zugspitzbahn Bergbahn, a ski resort in the Alps over 8,000 feet above sea level.  The pavilion features 46 door and window panels of the triple glazed SL70 system.  

If you're interested in specifics, the product has an NFRC certified U-value of .30 and a solar heat gain coefficient of .24.  Moreover, it meets Energy Star requirements for all areas of the U.S. and areas A and B of Canada.

Ebrahim Nana, president of NanaWall Systems, in a press release, proudly declared that Nanawall Systems is the first folding door company to provide triple glaing.  The product is available for architectural openings from 3-36 feet wide using anywhere from 1-12 panels.  

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