19 Green Building Innovations of 2009


We all know design will do a lot of the work in making a building green, but technology is important, too.  Over the past year, we've seen some interesting innovation in a broad category of articles we call building-related green technology.  Solar innovation is hot, and small wind — albeit heavily scrutinized — is doing some things also.  So, check out this retrospective on green technology in the built environment (click the text links for more images and information). 

Future Now: Solar Plug-in Stations


Efficient Coolerado in the Wild [Salt Lake City]


DIY Solar with Rooftop Solar Clover by Armageddon Energy


First Rooftop Wind Turbines Installed on Twelve West, Portland

12W-building-turbines 12w-small-wind

Hella Exterior Blinds Increase Building Efficiency


Solar Powered Transit Shelters Hit San Francisco


Greenscreen Installed at ASU's School of Sustainability

ASU_greenscreen-int ASU_greenscreen-interior

Solar SunFlower Electric Garden Installed in Austin


Simple Solar in a Box Offered by Ready Solar

Ground mount 4

Dow Unveils Impressive POWERHOUSE Solar Shingle


Dell Gets a Solar Grove in Round Rock


Affordable Free Span Solar Array Unveiled in California


PNC Gets North America's Largest Living Wall


SRS Energy Launches Clay Roof Solé Power Tile


New WindJet Small Wind Turbine Installed in Kansas City

Aes-small-wind-turbine Windjet-aes-kansas

Rocky Mountain Institute Launches Free Carbon Calculator Green Footstep


New York Gets a Solar Charging Station in a Container


Honeywell Wind Turbine Coming Soon to a Store Near You!


Sun Energy Engineering Starts Selling Solar Shingle


For more inspiration, make sure to check out our green technology and alternative energy categories.  Also, I'm sure you've seen or used something in your green project that others need to hear about.  If so, let's get in touch, and share your green building innovation with others.

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  • http://www.acarainstitute.wordpress.com/ Sarabjeet Singh

    Amazing article and great technologies! My take : http://bit.ly/68Cdvh

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      Great article, Sarabjeet, thanks for sharing!

  • Anonymous

    I hope readers are beginning to see how much potential these green products have in rebuilding our troubled economy. More and more we are seeing evidence that eco-friendly private and public investment is going to be the wave of the future. This trend wild create jobs, boost the economy into a new era, and keep us safer as the same time. Take, for instance, the website http://www.greencollareconomy.com. The site has a directory of thousands of companies, large and small, who are taking advantage of this paradigm and seeing huge returns because of it. The same savings and ROI goes for our public investments as well. I would encourage readers to visit greencollareconomy.com and browse through their thousands of white papers that outline how this trend it taking hold.

  • http://sanjosegreenhome.com/ Tadas

    Wow, my biggest take is that solar tech is so flexible and can adopt to basically any building, house or structure. Would love to give some of these products a test! :-) Tadas, Author of http://sanjosegreenhome.com/

  • Carlo Concepcion

    going greener and greene! Keep it up! nice job

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