Corvi Container Cabana in a Backyard

Recently in The Oregonian, there was an article by Ruth Mullen about this upcycled container cabana built by Mike Corvi using a 8′ x 20′ steel shipping container.  Corvi bought the container for $2,900; hired some craftsmen to cut out the windows and doors; installed dual-pane Jeld-wen windows and a sliding door; wired the place for electricity, cable, and heat; and installed rigid foam insulation and birch plywood paneling.  He finished the space for ~$8,000, and Corvi wants to sell similar container cabanas for ~$16,000.  He’s also working on a prototype with a kitchen and bathroom.

[+] Steel Container Becomes a Backyard Retreat by The Oregonian.

Photo credit: Kraig Scattarelia for The Oregonian.

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  • Anonymous

    It’s a little “cozy”, but still a great idea. Really nice finish inside.

  • Portland Condo Auctions

    Great idea. I have been trying to imagine how a shipping container could be an add-on room or office for a home. I have also been considering how one could be used as a storage shed/chicken coop.


  • Norm Wright

    This guy has inspired me to create something similar.
    Thank you,

  • garagecat

    Another reason to read the Oregonian. North of town on I-5 is a plot with about 500 used containers for sale. I’m wondering if that where he got the $2900 container.

  • Tom

    well this unit now sits next to my barn and is my home office, couldnt be more pleased it cost about 200 to move it 25miles and took about 1hr to get it set and plugged into the power. i will post some photos on my right angle face book and web site soon

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