Blu Launches Origin Folding Prefab


Early this month, Blu Homes announced the launch of their new product line dubbed Origin.  As you can see below, Origin is built using Blu’s folding technology, which allows the company to ship homes nationally, and then unfold them to widths up to 17-20 feet.  It’s an interesting take on factory-built construction.  And Blu just delivered four Origins to the new late night talk show Lopez Tonight in Burbank, California.

As for the Lopez Tonight Origins, one is George Lopez’s dressing room, one is the guest’s waiting area, and the other two serve as guest dressing rooms.  The design, though, is flexible enough to be used for other things, such as an at-home office, yoga studio, art studio, in-law apartment, or small home.

Blu offers a variety of floor plans, bedroom/bathroom options, and interior/exterior finish options.  Some of the green elements, according to a recent press release, include abundant windows and natural light, renewable bamboo floors, organic resin privacy panels, recycled paper countertops, Energy Star appliances, low-flow fixtures, no- or low-VOC paints and finishes, foam insulation, hybrid or electric car plug-ins, an energy monitoring system, rainwater collection and storage, optional composting space, and roof-ready solar thermal and PV.

Pricing varies depending on the size of the home and options purchased.  Blu estimates a factory price range of about $64,000 – $114,000, for an Origin of 24′ – 35′, respectively.  Pricing does not include shipping or site work.  If interested, catch more detailed information at Blu Homes.




Photo credits: Blu Homes.

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  • Anonymous

    When you consider you can get one of these with 9-14 foot ceilings, it really is a nice little space.

    I know I could live in one!

  • Portland Condo Auctions

    Great looking prefabs! This is exactly what we need to get green prefab housing into the mainstream. If this is the cheapest and easiest way to get a good house, then people will go for it and we can stop the inefficient track housing.


  • Stacey W

    I love these designs. Actually, I love the lamp in the first picture. I took the picture to a local store and the closest they came was

    Is it the same?


    Stacey W

  • SherriAbq

    Blu makes very nice homes but they are FAR from affordable. This is a home for big spenders. 500sq ft starts at 130k just for the home. You have to pay an extra 65K for foundation and on site construction cost. Garage, car ports, decks, and landscaping is extra. Don’t for get your land cost too. You need at least 400k to get a home around 1400 to 2000 sq ft.

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