12 Platinum Net Zero Energy Homes


In North Boulder, there's a new, green neighborhood development called Spring Leaf.  The neighborhood's first home, its model home, has been completed.  In total, Spring Leaf will include six single-family homes and six townhomes that will be all-electric, super efficient, and easily LEED Platinum.  Moreover, they'll all be net-zero energy homes powered by solar and geothermal systems.  


Located at Broadway and Poplar, the neighborhood and homes were designed by George Watt.  The single family home designs range in size from 2,300 – 4,000 square feet, while the townhome designs have about 2,800 square feet each. 

The image above shows the model home that's just under 4,000 square feet in size and selling for about $1.2 million.  Developers expect LEED Platinum certification shortly.  The house includes bamboo cabinetry, low-VOC finishes, fiber cement exterior siding, Serious Materials windows, a heat recovery ventilator, spray foam insulation, a geothermal system, and a 9.9 kW grid tied solar PV system.  

[+] Visit Spring Leaf in North Boulder.



Rendering credits: Spring Leaf; photo credit: Joshua Buck, Times-Call.

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  • Kurt

    They look very nice. But–partly because they’re in Boulder–I bet they cost a fortune. I didn’t see any prices listed on the website. I’m sure I would like living in one of them if I were rich and lived in Boulder.

  • Kurt

    Duh… now I see that you mentioned the price as being $1.2 million. Even more than I would have guessed!

  • Anonymous

    Kurt, I believe the $1.2 million is for the largest single family home. That is definitely expensive (even for Boulder), but I would guess the townhomes are less (but still likely out of most people’s price range).

  • http://www.allisonables.com/ Gainesville Real Estate

    What is the price differential on average between LEED gold and platinum?

  • Anonymous

    The 100k House has the same features list but is $260k

  • MrSteve007

    I do see this as a cool place, but really, a massive “sustainable” 4000 sq/ft home with a 10 kW PV array?

    I have an older 960 sq/ft, 3 bedroom, all electric home that would need a 3 kW array to be net-zero energy. Call me unimpressed.

  • http://www.amadiconstruction.co.uk/ manny

    before the industrial revolution house building involved the consumption of little or no fossil fuel. Translated into modern terms, old houses have been the absolute ultimate in sustainable dwellings…the original net zero homes

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