2009 Top-10 Green Building Products


Yes, it's that time again.  For the eighth year in a row, BuildingGreen has just announced their list of Top-10 Green Building ProductsBuildingGreen sifts the products from new additions to the GreenSpec Directory, a print and online guide that organizes green products according to LEED credits, as well as from coverage in Environmental Building News.  The GreenSpec Directory has over 2,100 products, and these ten are some of the best of what's been added to the directory.  Any favorites among the group?

Pozzotive Plus Concrete Masonry Units (Kingston Block)


Thermafiber Mineral Wool Insulation (Thermafiber)


Invelope Integrated Wall and Rainscreen System (Build Better Walls)


Baltix Recycled- and Biobased Office Furniture (Baltix)


Project FROG Modular Green Classroom (Project FROG)


Rheem HP-50 Heat-Pump Water Heater (Rheem)


Convia Energy Management Infrastructure (Convia)


Pentadyne GTX Flywheel Energy Storage (Pentadyne)


Silva Cell Subsurface Tree Protection and Stormwater System (Deeproot)


Mobile Solar Power Generator (Mobile Solar Power)


While you're here, make sure to check out BuildingGreen's Top-10 Green Building Products from 2008, West Coast Green's Six Clever Products in the Pipeline, and Sustainable Industries' Top 10 Green Building Products mentioned earlier this year. 

  • Anonymous

    I would have to say that Pentadyne flywheel energy storage unit is probably my favorite on the list. That is pretty amazing, and could lead to some big things in the future.

    All are good products, though!

  • http://mportlandrealestate.com/ Portland Condo Auctions

    Mobile solar power looks the best to me. I cant think of anything more useful in a bad spot than power where you need it when you need it.


  • http://www.charlesandhudson.com Charles & Hudson

    Those masonry blocks look like a great advancement. It takes a tremendous amount of energy and non-renewable resources to create concrete and brick but these require a much smaller footprint.

  • Anonymous

    This is a great post. I plan on sharing it with my subs and my clients. Thanks.

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