We've seen solar-powered transit shelters, but this eco-friendly transit center with transit stops outfitted with green walls may be a first.  With the help of greenscreen green walls, the City of Tempe Transit Center is seeking LEED Platinum certification.  The mixed use facility, designed to be 52% more efficient than a traditional building of its kind, went with green walls to provide a buffer from the harsh Arizona sun and heat. 


As you can see below, the green walls help to cool and shade the surrounding areas through evapotranspiration.  Plants used in the application include Queen's Wreath and Cat's Claw vines, while the installation also integrates with a rainwater downspout that transfers water into a bed of soil 

Manufactured by a Los Angeles-based company, greenscreen is a three-dimensional, welded wire trellising system that provides space for plants to grow and intertwine.  The trellis panels can be applied in conjunction with the built environment, such as with this ASU School of Sustainability, or used in other ways. And we're seeing the product used with greater frequency. 

Tempe_transit_5 Tempe_transit_4



Photo credits: Greenscreen.