Clay Roof Integrated Solé Power Tile


We've seen building integrated solar by separate companies for use with both asphalt shingles and standing seam roofing.  Now SRS Energy and US Tile are preparing to unveil a new Solé Power Tile at Greenbuild.  The barrel-style technology was designed for a clay tile curved roofing system.  Using thin film solar, the Solé Power Tile integrates seamlessly with blue glaze or earthen tone tiles.  SRS Energy and US Tile will launch the system first on the West Coast and roll it out nationally through 2010.

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Photo credits: US Tile.

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  • Anonymous

    Yes, I love it .

  • Anonymous

    OMG I just realized the bottom 2 pics are of the ice cream/ candy shoppe less than a mile from our house in PA!! wow.

    • Fanof Ecd

      BrianN, you ore only partially correct. Yes, the bottom two pictures depict the roof of Zwahlen’s ice parlor (which is owned by SRS Energy’s CEO). But one of the pictures is fake (a roof cannot be all blue and partially blue at the same time). And, as you know, Zwahlen’s ice parlor had grey shingles roof two years ago (it can be still seen on their web site, , and on satellite maps). You should visit and let us know whether the roof is blue or red right now.

      The blatant marketing fraud perpetrated by SRS Energy has been exposed here:

      • ECD Fan

        Well, I can confirm that Zwahlen’s roof is now all blue (mostly blue-PAINTED red clay tiles and what looks like 1.6KW DC STC worth of blue solar plastic tiles). But whoever did the paint job missed a few spots (one can still see some red spots on the tiles). This “installation” will generate less electricity than 5 SunPower panels. What a waste!

  • Portland Condo Auctions

    Brilliant idea! How effective are they? I would love to see the entire SW United States and every home there just covered in these things. Who could argue with free electricity?


  • ECD Fan

    Dear Excited from Portland: Yes, it seems like a brilliant idea. Until you realize that these tiles are a massive fraud, at the US taxpayer expense. There is no free electricity here – it is all about overoriced PV material, inefficient use of plastic (made from oil), combined with sophisticated counterfeiting. All the “inconvenient” details here:

    (using my DISQUS id, as Facebook failed on me here)

    • Anonymous

      I went to your blog about the tiles, but it required me to log in to read it. Forget that. You seem to be trying to “spread the word” about roof tiles, but that just isn’t working out on my end.

      Personally I don’t oppose all plastic. (I know, I know: *GASP!*) It depends on how it is used. If it is made into something disposable and then isn’t reclaimed/recycled/reused, then that’s bad. But if it is durable, and can be reasonably reconfigured at the end of its life, I’m fine with it.

      In fact, I’m typing on a plastic keyboard right now (I know, I know, I’m selling out to “the man”). Pruis body panels and interiors are almost entirely plastic. My community’s recycle bins are made of plastic. I guess they could have made them from hemp, but hey, I’m at peace with their decision.

      I wish I could see your notes about the efficiency, cost, lifespan and (lack of?) recycle-ability of these roof tiles … but like I said: No way am I creating accounts just to read someone’s “secret” info about tiles. Ugh.

      • ECD Fan

        jeffmjeffm: You may find an earlier (cached) version of my blog post at:

        Since you care so much about oil products, recycling the tiles (made from polypropylene, mostly, with some steel foil and Tefzel glued to it) will be difficult. The challenge in recycling polypropylene (designated with a 5) is in separating it from other plastics, including its own many variations, once it arrives at the waste station and beyond. Because of the difficulty and expense of sorting, collecting, cleaning and reprocessing plastics of all kinds, in many places it is only economically viable to recycle a few select types. So, you better hope SRS Energy is still in business when your tiles start deforming under the Sun, discolor or stop producing electricity, even before their warranty period. Don’t get your hopes up, though.

  • ECD Fan

    Oh, yeah, forgot to mention that picture #3 is definitely fake – these are not solar tiles there – they are regular red clay tiles (digitally painted in blue in some image editing software).

  • Richard

    This is cool. The whole roof could probably used as a solar power system. I wonder about the duarbility thought.

  • Anonymous

    This is an excellent system; however, you need to hurry up and market it as aggressively as you can. Before you know it, someone will come up with the same product and beat you to the finish line. I have been watching this site for a year now and I have not seen any progress made. Do you really have such a product in operation?

    Also, you need to take this to Africa where you have lots of sun. You do not need to look sun; you do not need to wait for sun. You will have abundance of sun. I really would recommend you going internationally.

    At the moment, I am in the process of purchasing solar panels for West Africa as a model to introduce the system to businesses and government. Your product will be ideal. Financing will be easy, because there is plenty of money from the World Bank and EEC for alternative energy.

    Please think about this and get back to me as soon as possible.

    • Anonymous


      The SRS tiles are a farse and are only designed with a specific manufacturer in mind,hence they can only be used with two kinds of tile.
      The HYBRID UNIVERSAL ROOF TILE SYSTEM is the most economical high performance way to integrate solar using similar solar technology. You can see the Hybrid System at


      • Anonymous

        After going to your site and watching your video, calling the SRS tiles a farce is beyond absurd. Your “system” is a joke – looks like crap and the clay tiles cover a significant portion of your solar, so cost per KWH go thru the roof. And using foam to adhere your “green” roof tiles is pathetic – slow and anything but “green”.

        • Arguelles67

          SRS ENERGY exists no more….they are now out of business and there wont be any Sole tiles with Solar from SRS ENERGY….


  • Clay Roof Tiles

    I want put SRS Energy + Santafe Tiles, a beautiful blend that they have. (See clay roof tile Cartagena Blend)
    The clay roof tile are a litle bit more expensive, but clay tiles are maintenance free, and have a warranty of 50 years.

    • Anonymous

      Clay tiles last centuries if properly maintained. Your flashing will rust out long before the tiles do. Even copper flashing only lasts 100 years before needing replacement. I have a US Tile cap and pan tile roof and these solar panels “seem” a decent alternative. Yet solar is horribly inefficient and a huge waste of money. Most buyers would be vastly better off simply insulating their homes properly, and at vastly lower cost and damage to the environment. So far, solar remains mostly hype and one of the most costly “green” energy you can buy.

  • Francisco Ulloa

    I am a Florida State Licenced  Roofing Contractor and I would like to receive capacitation in order to become an authorized installer .What is the procedure to follow?

  • Mike Nolan

    Find it hard to believe these tiles are such a farsh if shown on DYI TV!

  • Scott Rodwin

    Is this product commercially available now?

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