Portland SIPs House Now Complete!


About a year and a half ago, we mentioned a project designed by seed architecture studio called the SIPs House in Portland.  Built by Kaya General Contractors, the home is now complete.  Since it hasn’t sold yet due to market conditions, the developing partner is going to move in.

The all-electric home is one of the first homes in Portland to be built with SIPs and features a number of green features:


  • Energy Star appliances;
  • Efficient fluorescent and LED lighting;
  • A real-time energy monitor;
  • A heat recovery ventilator;
  • Native and drought-tolerant landscaping;
  • Fuez recycled glass and fly ash countertops;
  • Low- and zero-VOC paints;
  • Salvaged barn wood for the siding;
  • EPA WaterSense appliances and dual-flush toilets;
  • Solar thermal hot water system;
  • 30% fly ash used in the foundation; and
  • Extremely tight and efficient envelope.

The goal with this house was not just LEED Platinum certification, but to create something that gives back.  Certainly, the LEED paperwork has been submitted, but only time will tell whether the efficiency benefits, when combined with on-site energy production, put the home in net zero energy or positive energy territory.  You can follow that and future projects on the construction blog:

[+] SIPs House Portland.

Sips-pdx-2ndbath Sips-pdx-bridge



Photo credits: SIPs House Portland.

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  • Anonymous

    I really like this house. I was surprised to see from their photos how much smaller the home is, in comparison to it’s neighbors:


    I hope it turns out to be as efficient as they think it will be – it could make a nice “kit” home…

  • http://mportlandrealestate.com/ Portland Condo Auctions

    Love it, and I love being at the center of the green building world here. However, I didnt see where the energy production is coming from. I see where the reduction in use is, but what would make it generate electricity?


    • http://www.seed-architecture.com darin dougherty


      Solar hot water is installed – solar PV is prepped and ready for the new homeowners to plug in.


  • Anonymous

    What kind of LED lights were used in this house? I wonder if the fixtures above the kitchen counters are LED strip lights or fluorescent tubes.

  • Lafayetteann

    How are the Fuez countertops performing?  Any staining or sealing issues?

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