Several months ago, we profiled all three finalists in the Re:Vision Dallas competition.  The purpose of the competition was to design a sustainable urban city block near Dallas City Hall.  Of these finalists (and several hundred other entries), the Forwarding Dallas entry has now been announced as the winning design.  The off-the-grid block, designed in collaboration between Atelier Data and Moov, is scheduled to break ground in 2011. 


Forwarding Dallas gets its inspiration from hills to create an undulated fabric of buildings with green roofs covered in native vegetation.  The hills harvest natural elements, including the sun and wind, through solar thermal, photovoltaics, horizontal axis wind turbines, and passive solar louvers. 

The self-sustaining project will accommodate roughly 854 residents and be prefabricated with local materials and straw bales. 

Other aspects of Forwarding Dallas include open ‘green’ spaces, housing options from studio apartments to three bedroom flats, a rooftop water catchment system designed to recycle water collected from rooftops and store underground for later use, a sensorial greenhouse, swimming pool green house, and meeting point green house.  The block also includes a spiritual space, gymnasium, café, exhibition space, and a temporary accommodation center for both children and the elderly.



Rendering credits: Re:Vision Dallas.