Nashville Hutton Hotel Goes Green


Earlier this year, Hutton Hotel opened its doors in Nashville, Tennessee.  Hotel Interactive recently referred to the building as "one of the most sustainable focused properties" it had ever seen, although the developer, Amerimar Enterprises, decided to skip LEED certification.  Built from the skeleton of a former office building, Hutton Hotel has 248 rooms and some of the following green elements: 


  • LED and fluorescent lighting throughout;
  • Renewable bamboo flooring and furniture;
  • Card readers that disarm lighting when occupants leave;
  • Low-energy EcoDisc elevators;
  • Low albedo roofing system;
  • Efficient LED exterior signage;
  • Highly efficient bronze exterior glass;
  • Water efficient fixtures and dual flush toilets;
  • Water free urinals in public areas;
  • A laundry water recycling system; and
  • Mechanical energy recovery wheel system that preconditions air before heating/cooling.

In addition, Hutton Hotel uses biodegradable cleaning products, provides a hybrid courtesy vehicle, and runs a hotel recycling program for glass, paper, and plastic. 

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Photo credits: Hutton Hotel.

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    Great re-use of space. The greenest buildings are the ones that are repurposing the old space and the old materials instead of ripping up fresh land. -Tyler

  • Anonymous

    I have to agree with PCA. The best part of this building is that it gives another life to an unused space.

    On top of that, they did a great job. About as “green” as a hotel that size could be. Nice work.

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