Small Modern Green Home in California


Michelle Kaufmann is continuing her work on a modern green home in Northern California.  Located on a constrained lot, the 1,550 square-foot home will be prefabricated — as currently planned — with two modules.  And although the home will be a lot smaller than the average new construction home in this country, Michelle Kaufmann Studio has designed it to feel bigger. 


Of course, there's the accordion glass doors that provide a nice transition from the indoor to the outdoor.  The open interior is also shaped with angular walls that blend the rooms together. 

In terms of sustainable design, the butterfly roof will provide a nice overhang with windows just below for natural ventilation.  Solar panels will fit just right on the angled roof, while a rain water catchment garden will benefit from water collected at the fulcrum of the roof. 

In addition, there will be smart insulation, high performance windows and systems, LED and CFL lights, Energy Star appliances, and a grey water system. The efficient design, when combined with the solar PV system, should make it a net zero energy home.  Follow Michelle Kaufmann's blog for more:

[+] Michelle Kaufmann Blog.




Rendering credits: Michelle Kaufmann Studio.

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    Gorgeous bathroom. Great design.


  • jason

    michelle rocks. her homes are always extremely efficient in terms of space and energy use — not to mention, stunning.

  • Anonymous

    As usual from MK, wonderful design. I love the way all her designs blend indoor, outdoor space.

    From a distance the exterior looks like a “double-wide” Clayton i-house. (that’s not a bad thing…)

  • Richard

    Nice home. Great atmosphere, very, well- relaxing. I think more and more homes should be built with this theme- a green, more environmentally-healthy theme.

  • Anonymous

    So happy to see michelle back, lots of natural light, high ceilings , always makes a house seem more roomier and welcoming. I thought she sold the company to blu homes, good to see her back.

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