We first saw this 3form material, Koda XT, with the wavy transit shelters in San Francisco.  Designed by Lundberg Design, the colorful transit shelters use a custom configuration of Koda XT, a material made of 40% pre-consumer recycled content.  3form says Koda XT is the only architectural polycarbonate material available to use towards LEED MR 4.1 for recycled content.

Mandarin-oriental-koda-xt Mandarin-koda-xt

Koda XT is available in three off-the-shelf colors/specifications and can be customized with up to three layers of various color to create any one of 10,000 options.  The material can be molded to match a variety of design specifications, too.

3form says Koda XT has over 100 times the impact strength of glass and over 60 times the impact strength of acrylic.  And it’s lightweight.

For interior materials, 3form has a variety of other green architectural materials, such as Varia, 100 Percent, and Chroma.  Some of these can be used in exterior applications as well.


Koda-xt-dallas-transit Koda-xt-dallas


Photo credits: 3form.