An Incredible Expandable Green Prefab

This video of Blu Homes recently hit the Innovation Economy column of The Boston Globe.  In This New House, columnist Scott Kirsner gives us a look at the folding prefab technology that Blu Homes uses for homes built in their Littleton, Massachusetts factory.  The folding style of construction presents an interesting new wrinkle to prefab, and Blu is able to save transportation costs by shipping more house and less air.

According to The Boston Globe, Blu expects to ship a total of nine homes this year.  The homes range in price from $75,000 to $350,000, and generally speaking, the price includes typical installation costs.  The land is extra.

These homes are also, as discussed in the above video, very energy efficient.  Depending on the home, it may be up to 50% more efficient than a typical home.

Recently, we featured the Fischer Chalet, which is a custom Blu | Chalet design by the company built in Breckenridge.  The 1,700 square-foot home cost about $290,000, all in.  And with this folding technology, it seems we’ll see more of these homes popping up all over the country.  We’ll keep you posted.

[+] Learn more about Blu Homes’ homes.

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  • Anonymous

    Very cool video. Blu certainly seems to be on top of the prefab world lately. And deservedly so! That is very smart design.

  • Portland Condo Auctions

    When I can get myself a nice plot of land with some space and a view, I think that this green pre-fab direction is the way to go for my family.


  • PortableStorage

    Blu homes have truely made the prefab alive.Making such kind of innovations and being the market for from few years and earnig respect for the innovation,it truely seems that Blu homes is rocking the world.

    Portable Storage,

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