Hive Modular Completes X-Line Prefab


Hive Modular, a Minneapolis-based company that sells modular, contemporary homes, recently sent us photos of this X-Line prefab in Vadnais Heights, Minnesota.  The X-Line 003 features an exterior of fiber cement, steel, and locally harvested cedar, while the interior features stylish modern elements.  Pay particular attention to the translucent polycarbonate walls by Polygal, the red IKEA kitchen, and the custom tables from Eastvold Custom Woodworks

Hive-X003 floor plan

All the windows and doors are Low E II with argon and help flood the interior with natural light.  Also, the X-Line 003 is set up with a whole house lighting system and thermostat controllable by an iPhone.  The owners can control what's going on inside without even being there. 

On the outside, you can see how Hive Modular used gabion baskets in place of concrete retaining walls.  They went with the gabion baskets because they're just as strong and durable as concrete and have much less embodied energy. 







Hive Modular is probably one of the most popular prefab companies in the Midwest because, in all likelihood, they provide a product that's economically approachable.  If you like this X-Line 003 prefab, you may also like this St. Paul Prefab or this B-Line Small Prefab by Hive.   

Photo credits: Hive Modular Picasa Album

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  • Sea Wolf

    I love Hive’s B-Line, not only because it’s charming and small, but also because it’spart of a dense urban neighborhood. But this? The house itself might be more admirable than a conventionally built neo-Colonial (or not), but it’s just another big box, cut into a hillside with all the attendant ramparts, out in the fields, and everything that comes with that: too much stuff, too much maintenance, too much driving.

  • Anonymous

    I actually live close to this project and I know first hand that it is not located in the middle of a field! It’s actually located in a populated neighborhood only 15 minutes away from downtown St. Paul. It only looks like it’s in a field in the photos because the clients were lucky enough to find a lot where they have a community park (and pond) across the street!

    I think this is another great project by a really talented firm.

  • green steel buildings

    Hive Modular is the most well known prefab companies in the Midwest. These are easily affordable and most widely accepted.very nice cozy homes to stay on!

    • Anonymous

      Like how much money do these things cost?

  • Anonymous

    It is fortunate to see that people are beginning to build homes that are more with intelligent design as far as modern green homes go and that frugality has become what it should be when building a home or having one built by these types of niche market builders !
    I would have to say that these solid shop crafted with pride homes shall stand the test of time over profit projects that are built fast and cheap ordinary and sold at top dollar such as the McMansions of subdivision saharas everywhere who are not with it such as where i reside in the deep north of ontario ?
    I would like to see these prefab companies around here and ask where do i sign ?
    But for now the northern ontario panorama is ruled by the fastest built subdivisions around and it surprises me that people some of them just do not take all the most important facts of building and buying a home instead of just taking the word of any contractor ?
    Oh well love your site !

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