This is the Idea House by Broadway Malyan for Sime Darby Property, one of the largest property developers in Malaysia.  The home was designed as an attempt to become the first carbon zero residence in South East Asia.  The home would be prefabricated in modules to save on labor costs, speed up the construction process, and make deconstruction of the home easy at the end of its useful life.  Some other green aspects of the home design include:


  • Deep overhangs that provide shade;
  • Open, flexible interior spaces to accommodate a variety of uses;
  • Installation of a greywater system to reuse water;
  • Use of low-flow, water-efficient fixtures;
  • A green roof garden with a rainwater capture system for irrigation;
  • Optimal site orientation to increase ventilation and daylighting; and
  • A rooftop photovoltaic system to provide power the entire house;

The eco house prototype will serve as a model for developer Sime Darby Property to adopt strategies in whole or in part in an effort to increase its overall environmental commitment to development.  We'll keep an eye on the prototype to see if it actually gets built. 

[PDF] The Idea House for Sime Darby Property.



Photo credits: Broadway Malyan; first noticed at WAN