Green Clayton i-House Set in Kentucky


There's been a lot of talk of the i-House ever since Clayton Homes announced its launch in about January of this year.  The home is contemporary, affordable, and energy efficient.  Landowners Bob and Melinda bought a 37-acre swath of land in 2006, hoping to someday build a home on it and live the good country life.  They're 95 miles from Louisville in western Kentucky and had an i-House delivered just about a month ago. 

I was able to get in touch with Bob by email and he tells me they're putting the finishing touches on the green, factory-built home.  He should have final interior and exterior pictures soon.  We'll try to have a Q&A at that time to discuss the whole process from start to finish.  In the mean time, make sure to follow his blog, Life in the Country, for updates.

The i-House comes with a number of standard green features: R-21 wall insulation, R-30 floor insulation, R-30 roof insulation, low-e windows, dual-flush toilets, galvanized metal roofing, corrugated steel siding, butterfly roof with rainwater collection, and no-VOC paints.  For a price, homeowners can get 2 kW of solar, a tankless water heater, and Energy Star stackable washer and dryer. 

[+] Take a tour of the Clayton i-House.



Thanks for the tip, Brian!

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  • debbie lariscy

    Please please please give prices, some idea what these things and other eco products COST. Most are out of range for lower middle class people.

    • Preston

      The i-House starts at $75,000. This model will be more with the separate red building.

    • Anonymous

      Debbie, at the i-house website, they have a neat “build my i-house” tool where you can see the prices of the different configurations. I have wasted much time playing with it!

  • Anonymous

    I hope they keep updating their blog after getting settled. I am really curious to hear someone’s thoughts after actually living in an i-house for awhile.

    Thanks for connecting with them!

  • Portland Condo Auctions

    Beautiful view. I would love to have a nice prefab sitting on a plot of land somewhere. A self sustaining home with no reason to go to town for food or have power lines setup across your property.


  • Steven Lefler

    Modular Lifestyles has built a similar version of this I-house in Ojai CA however we used the Craftsman architecture for applications into existing neighborhoods

    • Anonymous

      Looked at ‘Modular Lifestyles’ version on web. Sorry Steven It looks nothing like the Clayton Homes ‘I-house’. Unfortunately it looks like a typical double wide. But is does seem to be built green and has solar power. you need to go to the Claytin homes web site and look at the difference.

      • Anonymous

        I was a one of the masons who laid out the foundation on this I-house.
        It was very amazing to watch the constrution of such a unique project. As far as my part of the job things went much as it would on any modular foundation.Bob and his wife were very good people to work for and clayton home whosold him the home are some of the best people ive ever worked for.

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