This is a beautiful LEED Platinum building located at the corner of East Burnside Street and 11th Avenue in Portland, Oregon.  Dubbed Burnside Rocket, the building is probably most recognizable not for its red dress but for the twenty-four operable art panels — each of which was painted by a different emerging artist — that shade the interior spaces.  Since completion on April 2007, the popular building has been fully occupied. 


And, as it just so happens, the Rocket is on the market for $4 million, making it one of the only LEED Platinum buildings in the world for sale.  Speaking about the sale of the fully-leased building, developer and designer Kevin Cavenaugh said to Brian Libby of Sustainable Industries, "There’s a huge demand to be in well-designed, well-crafted buildings."

The building features a total of 16,500 square feet split between four floors.  There's an edible roof that provides food for the restaurant a level below.  And the tenants are all on a full service lease, as opposed to the triple-net lease, providing a financial benefit to the owner for running the building efficiently. 

Burnside Rocket was designed to use 50% less energy than a conventional space.  It does that in part with improved wall and roof insulation, high performance fenestration, overhangs and window setbacks, highly efficient lighting design, efficient ground water heat pumps, and domestic water heat recovery using desuperheaters. 






Photo credits: Burnside Rocket.