Xeripave Natural Stone Permeable Pavers

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Stormwater design and control is a huge aspect of green building, especially with LEED credits provided for reducing impervious cover, increasing on-site filtration, and reducing pollution from stormwater runoff and eliminating contaminants.  We've mentioned a company previously makes recycled content pavers, Vast Pavers, but I thought I would also mention another company that's been making news in the industry, Xeripave.  Xeripave makes permeable pavers in various colors that have a flow through rate of up to 1.5 gallons per second per square foot.  Watch how the paver works:

These pavers can be used in conjunction with other materials, such as brick and concrete.  Custom colors and sizes can be arranged, although the standard sizes are 11.81" x 11.81" x 1.97" or 15.75" x 15.75" x 1.97".

Xeripave Permeable Pavers are safe, non-slip, and strong enough for low traffic, low speed areas.  Also, since they offer a high permeability rate, you may not need to cover the entire hardscape with the material.  You can capture all of the runoff with something like 12-15% coverage.  See how this works on a residential driveaway for a home that obtained LEED Platinum certification.  

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Photo credits: Xeripave.

  • http://mportlandrealestate.com/ Portland Real Estate

    Great idea. This could save cities a lot of money in sewer and storm runoff money if these were strategically placed around the city.


  • Deen

    That is exactly what I try to communicate to the municipalities all week long, but sometimes they are slow on the uptake.

  • Tommyj23

    This stuff is garbage its a rip off of permapave. ive used it.

  • http://www.xeripave.com Xeripave

    Being the manufacturer of Xeripave, we stand behind the product. If there is an issue I would invite you to contact us. Originally the company was affliated with Permapave, but due to manufacturing and quality issues we were forced to go a different direction. We have gone through extensive R&D creating a proven system that lives up to what is claimed.

  • Bricklayz74

    Cant make heads or tales there’s this Xeripave stuff but also if you check there permapave.com they both seem to have same pictures. Then theres permapave in Australia and NZ are they worldwide? i want to use this stuff in my projects i am building a resort in Colorado.

    • Debra Mcnamara8482

      Bricklayz74 Permapave seems to be out of business. Xeripave is still in business and I would suggest contacting them. Xeripave use to be affiliated with Permapave. Unfortunately the bonding solution that worked in Australia did not hold up to the conditions in the United States. Xeripave then broke away from Permapave creating a brand new polymer solution. After having testing done in their plant that proved effective they released their pervious paver product. Unfortunately, Permapave took some of their photos and placed them on their website. Due to the fact that Permapave is now out of business their website will remain up until its host contract is no longer in service, which means the photos will remain up. Pervious pavers are becoming more and more widespread and are a great product to be considered for projects especially in the Colorado region. I know Xeripave has technical reps that would be happy to respond to any of your questions and provide you with additional production information. They have done some recent philanthropy projects for a school in California and also have had some articles published in Infrastructures Magazines, Landscape Architect, and Stormwater. I would suggest visiting their website http://www.xeripave.com or (877) 694-0141.

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