Recently, Knibb Design let us know about their new endeavor to modularize landscape design with a new site: Knibb Modular Garden.  Knibb Modular lets you create a custom residential or commercial garden online in about four steps.  When you're done, you'll have an estimated total cost of all the materials, which should be about $12-$16 per square foot.  Unless you install the garden yourself, installation will run about $4-$6 extra per square foot.  So all in, a modular garden like this will cost about $16-$22 per square foot, sans land preparation costs.  


The Knibb Modular Garden, as you might imagine, has a sustainability slant.  The plant materials are drought tolerant, the hardscape is permeable, and the water irrigation system is an efficient drip system that minimizes the amount of water necessary.  In addition, recycled content pavers are available. 

You can also choose the ratio of plants to gravel, and in the process, reduce your water usage by up to 60-70% with the elimination of turf area. 

Knibb Modular Garden is currently available in Southern California and it will soon expand to the New York Tri-State area.  After that, the roll out out will continue throughout the rest of the country.  If you're interested, make sure to create your own modular garden





Photo credits: Knibb Modular Garden.