Team Germany Wins with Net Metering!


This morning the final results of the Solar Decathlon were announced.  As expected, Technische Universität Darmstadt, aka Team Germany, took first prize.  This is Team Germany’s second straight victory.  In the net metering contest, the team gained almost thirteen more points than the next closest team, Illinois, which solidified the victory.  Although the Popular Choice award will be released later this weekend, the competition is officially over.  Make sure to check out all 20 Solar Decathlon homes from 2009 — they’re beautiful and inspirational.  Here are the results (updated with Popular Choice later):

1.  908.297 – Team Germany


2.  897.300 – Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


3.  863.089 – Team California


People’s Choice – University of Louisiana at Lafayette


Photo credits: Stefano Paltera/DOE Solar Decathlon.

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  • Anonymous

    They are all great homes. Nice job by everyone involved.

    Hopefully we will see a couple of these homes adapted for sale to the public!

  • craigspr

    team Germany deserves it although all of them did a great job!

  • Portland Real Estate

    This is an amazing contest. I hope that they do a similar one but focusing on water conservation instead of energy.


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