Team Germany took first prize at Solar Decathlon 2007, and they’re moving up in the rankings this year.  After the architectural competition, the team is now solidly in second place with a few more days to go.  Could the cube with a solar facade bring last year’s victor its second consecutive win?  In 2007, Team Germany had a beautiful home covered in oak louvered frames with integrated photovoltaics.  This year, the team of 24 architects and students has furthered the same theme with 40 single-crystal silicon panels on the roof and roughly 250 thin-film CIGS panels on the sides.

Technische Universität Darmstadt calls this the surPLUShome, and I think you’ll agree that it has a lot of pluses, or positives (not to mention the exterior facade, which is ridiculously mesmerizing).  The 11.1 kW photovoltaic system is expected to produce a monstrous 200% of the energy needed by the house.  This kind of production takes positive energy to a whole new level.

Inside the surPLUShome, there’s a great room with a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and a loft space upstairs.  The space is flexible and open — just perfect for giving meaning to every inch.  Feel free to learn more about the surPLUShome:

[+] Technische Universität Darmstadt SurPLUShome.






Photo credits: Thomas Ott (top); DOE (rest).