A Beautiful Bend Oregon Green Prefab

Stillwater Dwellings sd231-exterior

Since we first mentioned Stillwater Dwellings in March, the new company has been extremely busy.  Not only have they lined up plans to build green prefabs in Portland (Or.), Santa Barbara (Ca.), and Healdsburg (Ca.), but they’ve recently completed their first prefab home in Bend, Oregon.  The company was kind enough to send us a few photos of the inside and outside, and the modern home is just stunning.

Stillwater Dwellings sd231-exterior2

It was built using the sd231 floor plan and includes 2,950 square feet of space.  Of that space, there’s three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, a laundry room, and 600 square feet of garage space.  Amazingly, the cost to construct it was $175 per square foot, which includes site work (i.e., excavation, foundation, utilities, and driveway) and six modules of transportation.

Stillwater Dwellings built the home in three weeks in the factory, spent a week making sure everything was good, set the home in 5.5 hours on site, and ushered in the homeowners about three weeks later.  Now that’s pretty quick!  The completed home has some of the following green features:

  • Marmoleum flooring in guest bath & laundry room;
  • Honed Caesarstone countertops;
  • Dual flush toilets and low-consumption plumbing faucets;
  • All Energy Star appliances;
  • Passive cooling with clerestory windows at the highest point of the room;
  • Operable skylights (3 total) in the middle for stack effect cooling;
  • Low VOC paints inside & out;
  • Hardwood floors finished using a OSMO Hardwax Oil;
  • 100% natural wool carpet w/ recycled content pad;
  • SFI certified wood windows with low-e film and argon gas;
  • High-efficiency heat pump;
  • Automated HVAC system pegged to outside and forecast weather;
  • Smart, automated lighting systems on dimmers;
  • Systems monitored/adjusted via a web-based portal (or iPhone); and
  • All native landscaping elements.

Some people assume that a prefab won’t have open or expansive spaces inside, but as you can see below, Stillwater Dwellings doesn’t design or build your average prefab home.  This home has 10′ lower level ceilings and up to 13′ clerestory windows on the top floor.  And the great room is 16′ wide by 45′ long.

Stillwater Dwellings Dining Room

Stillwater Dwellings kitchen with dining table

Stillwater Dwellings living room mountains sunset

Stillwater Dwellings master bath

Stillwater Dwellings stairs

Photo credits: Stillwater Dwellings.

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  • http://www.empire-solar.com/ Richard

    if more and more homes like this appear, alternative sources of energy would be lower-priced. besides federal tax credits and state rebates that motivate people to turn to cleaner energy sources, I think people should also think more of the enovironment.

  • http://mportlandrealestate.com/ Portland Real Estate

    Gorgeous home. I really like the way everything is finished in that nice wood. I cant wait until they are here in Portland with some affordable offerings.


  • Anonymous

    What a great house! It’s hard to believe that is a prefab home. And at that cost per sf, I can’t wait until they apply that design quality to smaller, more affordable homes.

  • Bman

    The saturation of light throughout the house along with wonderful open spaces and soft wood tones make this one of the most appealing “green” prefabs I’ve seen. The $175/sf seemed reasonable, but this jewel will really be accessible if they can get costs down to $100-125/sf. I figure they can reach that price point in a few years if things continue the way they are in the housing industry.

    Put simply…WOW! Great job Stillwater!

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      I agree. This entry into the green prefab world is absolutely out of this world. If this makes any sense.

  • http://twitter.com/PlanetForward Planet Forward

    These remind me of homes outside Oslo…I wonder how efficient they were? That was 20+ years ago mind you. Great photos – thanks

  • iMerc

    I check this site regularly, and was really excited when I came across the first Stillwater post. I am overjoyed, to say the least, to be able to see what their finished product actually looks like. It is wonderful to think that such a beautiful home can also satisfy some of the basic principles of being green. Well done Stillwater!!

  • jwer

    Boy, $175/sq ft sounds a lot better than $453,000 – $552,000.

    That said, this house is beautiful and I wish more people would buy them. Volume’s what will bring the price down.

  • Ashleigh

    Love this home. FINALLY a prefab home that doesn’t try and “look like a prefab” so much. Modern is cool for sure, but my god some of the designs out there are going to be so dated so soon. I love how Stillwater has kept true to good, timeless design.

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      Definitely, hope to mention a few more Stillwater homes this year, so stay tuned!

  • bend DJ

    great home but falls into the the catagory that many prefabs do. It’s simply too expensive per square foot. similar quality homes in this area, new and resale cost much less

  • Mary Lembi

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