By looking at these pictures, you probably can’t tell that an old, two-story, under-performing industrial building was converted into a beautiful modern suite of office spaces.  The Koll Company hired LPA Inc. to transform the old facility and transform they did!  (You can see a before photo below.)  The LEED Silver building, now referred to as the Koll Airport Professional Center for its location near John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, is a fine example of adaptive reuse with new green elements:



  • Preferred parking spaces have been set aside for fuel efficient vehicles;
  • Overall, 76% of existing exterior walls and structural elements were reused; 
  • The parking garage/building core was outfitted with high efficiency lighting;
  • Potable water use is reduced by more than 40% through high performance plumbing fixtures;
  • Potable water use is further reduced by 50% through a high efficiency irrigation system;
  • Perimeter glazing was replaced with a high performance low-E coated glass;
  • The existing built up roof was replaced with rigid insulation and a single ply white PVC cool roof; and
  • Louvered canopies, vertical and horizontal sunshades, and deep set windows work to shade openings from the sun’s rays and minimize solar heat gain.

Speaking about the Center, LPA Architect Keith Hempel said, “This building is a great model of how to reposition an underutilized, underperforming building and repurpose it to benefit the surrounding community and occupants for decades to come.”

Of note, the Center exceeds California’s Title 24 energy code by more than 17% and has space for one to eight office spaces between 3,000 to 40,000 square feet.  If you're a green business in the area, check out the Koll Airport Professional Center located at 17862 Fitch in Irvine, California.

[+] LPA Architects explain the modern green renovation.




Photo credits: LPA Inc.