Old Containers Reused as Health Clinics

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It's always nice to hear how good companies are helping the world.*  I've just learned about one to keep an eye on: Containers to Clinics.  C2C is a start-up non-profit that's retrofitting shipping containers for use as health clinics that cater to women and children's needs in the developing world.  Their prototype container clinic is currently under construction with Stack Design Build in Rhode Island and should be complete in mid-November. 

To celebrate the prototype and C2C endeavor, the company is planning a big showcase and dinner event at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston on November 16, 2009. 

With future portable containers, C2C plans to retrofit and outfit shipping containers with high-quality equipment, medicines, and medical staff.  They're designed to include diagnostic, lighting, and climate-control technologies for low resource situations in the developing areas.  The containers will then be transported to underserved areas to give women and children access to primary health care and treatments. 

C2C seems to be on to something important, and we'll make sure to check back soon on the fully completed prototype model.  Stay tuned …

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*Some other companies that we've mentioned in the past also include Project H Design and Green Horizon.  These companies all approach basic human needs from a different angle, and their work is an inspiration. 

Rendering credits: Stack DB.

  • Anonymous

    I really like what they did here, its similar to what other people are doing to. Just imagine these clinics being put up in the Samoan islands to treat the injured when there isn’t a hospital in the area, or like in thailand after the tsunamis , its a perfect idea using resources that are just sitting there. I watched this video about the shipping container lots in california, I don’t remember just how many containers they have but they have life tens of thousands of containers just sitting there, on top of each other , not being used. This is the perfect use for them.

  • Anonymous

    It’s really amazing idea to make use of the old container in the serving good.
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  • Anonymous

    Mi nombre es Carlos Alberto DEDOLA, escribo desde Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina, estoy a cargo de la FUNDACION CENTRO en mi ciudad y estoy interesado en recibir más información sobre el proyecto de C2C sobre el proyecto de Contenedores Para Clínicas. Sobretodo si está dirigido a centros de atención primaria. mi correo electrónico es cadedola@hotmail.com. mucho les agradeceré a las personas de C2C se contacten conmigo. Gracias.

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