Libeskind Villa Prefab Now Complete!


Several months ago, we mentioned news that Studio Daniel Libeskind designed a modern prefab with the prototype of the prefab under construction in Datteln, Germany.  That home, more precisely a visitor center with conference rooms for the time being, was celebrated in an inauguration ceremony on September 29, 2009.  The Villa, a first in the Libeskind Signature Series of homes, is super efficient and uses minimal energy, despite its size. 


The exterior insulation is on par with that of the Passive House standard.  Additionally, the home features building-integrated solar thermal, thin film photovoltaics, geothermal with a high-efficiency heat pump, and rooftop rainwater harvesting for use in garden irrigation.

The Villa is a 515 square meter (or 5543 square feet) structure that includes an open kitchen and grand central room, four bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, family room, office, and multi-purpose basement rooms. 

Going forward, Proportion GmbH of Berlin, Germany will market the home worldwide.  It'll cost about $2-3 million Euros in Europe, if you're interested.  We'll try to get a hold of better interior and exterior images of the finished prefab, but in the mean time, check out these galleries:

[+] Libeskind Villa Inauguration on Rheinzink. 
[+] Libeskind Villa Construction on Rheinzink.




Photo credits: Rheinzink.

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  • Anonymous

    Natural light , and lots of it. All those angles, you can get lost . Not sure its worth the 2-3 million , don’t really know why it costs that much and mind you that thats in euros, so it will be a lot more expensive by the time it gets here.

  • Anonymous

    What do you mean by “The exterior insulation is on par with that of the Passive House standard”? This might be a misleading statement considering all the bruhaha regarding passive house is this, passive house is that (or isn’t). Perhaps you could clarify how the envelope meets passive house standards? Thanks – big fan of the site.

  • Anonymous

    Not that’s what I call ugly!

  • Anonymous

    so why is this a “prefab” … because the frame was cut on a NC saw? … by this definition 90 percent of developer houses in the US are “prefab” …

    the only thing prefab is the echo chamber of shelter hype doled out on this kind of archidrek

    Why Lebiskind even said “prefabulous”

  • Portland Real Estate

    Very interesting looking. I am not sure if I would like coming home to a home with such sharp angles.


  • rondav

    i’m ok with libeskind… generally, i really enjoy his work- but he should keep far away from being involved in things that are mass produced!

    what’s next… |L| the perfume?!

    his work is evocative of emotion and intuition (and on some level) site specificity. so, to take something so intuitive and idiosyncratic and simply copy it and paste the same thing at the beach | on the prairie | on a hillside is heresy!

    i can see he has gone the way of the well ‘branded’ designer, but he should reconsider this one!

    and, don’t get me wrong… i (sort of) admire the house (although WHO REALLY NEEDS 5,000 s.f.???) is that an |L| signature DOGhouse in the lower left hand corner of the top picture? HahA!

  • David Williams

    Talk about McMansion though at 5500 SF

  • Claus Hulsemann

    Are you involved with the Personal aircraft that features zero runway take off like a helicopter?

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