Nation's First LEED Platinum Log Home


We've seen all kinds of LEED Platinum homes — manufactured, prefab, traditional, and modern — but this is the first LEED Platinum log home that we've seen.  It's likely the first LEED Platinum log home in the country.  The home was designed by Eric Hughes of Image Design LLC, and built by Hybrid Homes LLC out of Muskegon, Michigan.  Located on 6060 Longbridge Road in Pentwater, Michigan, the green log home features a number of green elements:

  • Logix ICF Foundation
  • SIP’s panel construction;
  • Michigan white cedar log siding & trim;
  • Low-E argon gas filled Andersen windows;
  • Barrier free/lifetime design;
  • Soy based insulation;
  • Stained concrete floors;
  • Bamboo flooring;
  • FSC Certified kitchen cabinets;
  • Recycled glass counter tops by Vetrazzo;
  • Programmable thermostats;
  • Radon venting;
  • Dual flush toilets by Toto;
  • Zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint;
  • High efficiency lighting fixtures;
  • Compact fluorescent bulbs; and
  • Extensive use of re-used and recycled materials. 

Construction of the project, originally called the Watercress Project, is documented on Hybrid Homes' website.  Make sure to take a gander if you have a chance. 




Photo credits: Image Design LLC.

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  • Anonymous

    Very beautiful home… But wow does it take a long time to build a home like that. It shows them starting the project in 5/08, and the last pic is the fireplace going in in 2/09! I’m sure they had quite a few weather delays in that part of the world, though.

  • Jaxon

    No offense, but it’s a stretch to call this a log cabin.

  • Portland Real Estate

    Great looking place, though I would expect to see a house like that right on the shore of a lake or something.


    • Jon Hughes

      This home is on the shore of Pentwater Lake. As far as I can tell, by driving by, the house was built at the same time two other homes were built on the same/adjacent lots…this may account for the amount of time to finish.

  • Anonymous

    Second LEED ‘log home’ that I’ve heard of….We participated in supplying a rustic gazebo and benches for a home in Black Mountain, NC that was purported to be going for that certification. Whether or not it attained it, I don’t know. I don’t consider our portion of that project to either add or detract from that endeavor, since the gazebo isn’t part of the home (50 yards uphill) and the benches were elsewhere as well. We DO ‘recycle’ the locust and rhododendron that we use on our outdoor structures, but the balance of the materials tend toward ‘cost efficient’ (off the shelf) items.
    We’re working on it, though….;)

  • John Jameson

    Is it really a log home if it’s log siding?

    • Eric Hughes

      Google search insulated Log Homes you might be surprised how many are built this way or similar!

    • Anonymous

      I would estimate that 99% of my customers ‘would’ call this a log home when log siding is used. A log home may be constructed with various materials but it still considered a log home.

  • Anonymous

    This is a nice cabin. Congrats to their LEED Platinum status. For those interested in viewing a true LOG HOME that is pending Platinum certification, visit to read the press release and tour the green elements of the home. No matter how you build your home, LEED certification is an awesome achievement.

  • Tristan Roberts

    Nice looking project. I wonder what the R-value is for the wall insulation? I’d also love to see if there is a cricket diverting rainfall around the chimney. From the look of the picture there could be some trouble there. Seems like “log home” in this situation is a style, not a construction method. It would be interesting to see a true log home earn LEED Platinum.

    – Tristan Roberts
    Editor, LEEDuser

  • Tim

    Hello Preston. I like the house and it looks like a Log Cabin to me.  😉
    I have been building similar structures. I love a log cabin for looks but the maintenance can sometimes be overwhelming for many homeowners. 

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