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Are you on Twitter yet?  If you're not, I hope you'll get there soon, because the conversation is good.  And the sharing is getting better, too.  You may have noticed we have a "retweet" button at the end of each article.  It's been fun to see how far and wide topics can spread with these buttons. 

Along these lines, if you're on Twitter, you may have noticed the roll out of lists.  It seems like a great idea and we're going to try to get more out of it.  We've built up the following lists and want to add friends of Jetson Green to the right category.  Drop a comment with your Twitter handle and the appropriate list group, and we'll add you to it. 

Oh yeah, we created a list of Must Follow Green Twitter Feeds, which needs a revamp, and we Twitter at @jetsongreen.  See you there …

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  • Copeland Casati

    Hi Preston! Might we add @greenmodernkits @fullscale @archiERICtect @gracestreet @3north @cottages to the architecture list?

    Happy Friday!

  • EDF Innovation Exchg

    Did you get all of the EDF feeds on the list of environmentalists? @envdefensefund @edfix @edftx @edfoceans

  • Studio Sunna

    Hey Preston,
    Would you add @studiosunna to the Architecture and Green building Lists?
    Zac Blodget

  • Anonymous

    Environmentalists @thegoodhuman

  • Rochelle Veturis

    Hello Preston. Neat idea. Please add @LPAinc to your Architecture and Green Building lists. Keep up the great work.


  • David Williams

    Please add me to the architecture, green building, green lawyers, and green product lists.

    I do find I have to “relog” into Disqus with my twitter login almost every time, instead of it being a one-time thing as indicated. That in itself does reduce the retweets a little bit since I will only RT the most interesting items.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Preston, I am a eco-friendly interior designer and a jewelry recycler. Please add me to your Green list as @JR_NUERGE on Twitter. My jewelry recycling signup website is and my blog is Thanks for a fabulous articles which I will use on Twitter and FaceBook. Cheers,
    JR Nuerge

  • Portland Condo Auctions

    Green Building and Green Prefab are my interests. @whitesidest

    Thanks for the post!


  • Oliver

    Hi Preston, please consider @gabreport (green architecture and building) for the Architecture and Green Building lists.


  • Name

    @begreenwithenvi great one for Green Building!

  • Shana

    Please add @sustspaces and @recurveinc to the Green Building list, thanks!

  • designSTUDIO

    check us out at @designSTUDIO

  • Anonymous

    Hi Preston, I’d love it if you would add @runnerdesign to your green building and architecture list.
    Much obliged, Tyler

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