We’ve mentioned Ideabox several times over the years, and their new offering, the Fortino, has to be one my favorites.  The Fortino was on display at the Seattle Home Show 2, although, unfortunately, there was a huge pole at the show obstructing photos.  You’ll have to imagine the Fortino in a well-manicured, xeriscaped setting on the lot of your choosing.  Something like 30,000 people saw the Fortino in Seattle, and Jim Russell, founder of Ideabox, tells me the response was incredible. 



The Fortino is a two bedroom, two bathroom home of 1,250 square feet of space.  With the Ideabox standard materials and features, it sells for $148,750.  The company is taking pre-orders at some sort of introductory pricing at $142,250 for a short period of time. You won’t be able to get the Fortino show house, though, because it sold on the second day of the show.

There are three available siding options for the Fortino.  The first is an architectural block, which is shown in these images. There’s also a “z” channel system and a galvalume corrugated metal.

Also, the Fortino has a number of green materials and elements, such as an EPA cool roof, Energy Star windows, insulated thermal front door, no VOC paint, bamboo flooring, recycled glass concrete counter, dual flush toilets, low flow faucets and shower heads, Energy Star CFL lighting, Energy Star Kitchenaid stainless appliances, Energy Star clothes washer, a tankless hot water, tested and certified insulated ductwork, maple plywood cabinets with no MDF, and a whole house ventilation system.

Not necessarily apparent from these photos is how the Fortino was designed to blend indoor and outdoor living.  With a well thought landscape and deck plan, a Fortino owner could end up with a lot of extra outdoor space accessible through multiple sets of sliding doors.






Some other Ideabox homes that we've featured include the Island Cottage, Confluence Modern, and Port Townsend Confluence Modern

Photo credits: Ideabox.