Earlier this year, the OC Register highlighted one company's efforts to transform unused warehouse space in Santa Ana, California.  Orange County based Marketing Via Postal Group, Inc. needed offices for their new warehouse and decided to reuse 10 twenty-foot shipping containers as offices and a kitchen.  MVP's employees did the work and the container spaces now have porthole windows, office furniture, plants, and bathrooms/sinks. 


MVP bought the containers for ~$1,000 each and configured them with windows, doors, electricity, heating, and air conditioning for ~$3,000-$4,000 each.  At these prices, not only was it inexpensive to build out the offices, but MVP also recognized another benefit from energy savings. 

When you heat and cool a large space like a warehouse, it can get expensive.  It gets even more expensive as people fight over the thermostat.  But with container offices, MVP now saves about $3,000 per month on energy costs because only the containers are heated/cooled as necessary for the users.  It's a pretty smart strategy. 

[+] The ultimate in office recycling by the OC Register.




Photo credits: Scott Noot.