Hot on the heels of our prior coverage of the Rainscreen Shed and the International Shed of the Year comes this solar-powered beauty, the Microhouse.  According to Naomi Seldin of Simpler Living, the 100 square-foot tiny house is part of the Human = Landscape exhibit going on in City Hall Park in Burlington, Vermont.  The Microhouse was built by Alex Carver and Christopher North of Northern Timbers Construction with the design help of landscape architect and metal artist H. Keith Wagner.


The Microhouse is off-grid and small — it’s art with a statement about the possibilities for a green future.  With the modular design, you could add additional 10’x10′ modules to have the right amount of space for your situation (and nothing more).  Plus, one module costs less than a small car.

With the horizontal cladding, simple windows, and corrugate roof, I’d say this is the way to go if you’re thinking about life using less than 100 square feet.  And just wait until the exterior steel fully weathers: The Microhouse will turn heads.

[+] The 100-square-foot dream home by Simpler Living.



Photo credits: Northern Timbers Construction.